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Printable Summer Bucket List Template

It's that time of the year when possibilities seem endless, and adventures await at every turn. The season of sunshine and warmth brings with it the perfect opportunity to create a bucket list for the season - a curated selection of summer aspirations that will turn the season into one to remember.

But where do you begin, and how do you ensure your summer is filled with unforgettable moments? Fear not, for we've got you covered! In this guide, we'll walk you through the art of crafting your ultimate summer bucket list, complete with a ready-to-use template that will make the process a breeze.

What Is a Summer Bucket List?

A summer bucket list is a collection of activities, experiences, and goals that you want to enjoy between the summer months of May to August. Typically, a summer bucket list will encompass a wide range of interests, such as traveling to new destinations, trying out new hobbies, participating in outdoor activities, attending events, spending quality time with friends and family, and engaging in personal growth endeavors. Creating and fulfilling a summer bucket list can add a sense of excitement and purpose to the season, encouraging individuals to make the most of their time and create lasting memories.

Printable Summer Bucket List Template

To help you get started, use this Printable Summer Bucket List Template! It's designed to help you organize the activities, goals, and experiences you want to accomplish during the summer months, as well as track your progress.

Printable Summer Bucket List Template

What Things Should I Put on a Summer Bucket List?

Creating a summer bucket list is a fun way to make the most of the warm weather and longer days. Your list can be personalized to your interests and location, but these categories should get you thinking of the types of things you should put on it:

  • Things To Do: The most obvious thing to include in your summer bucket list is things you want to do that are best experienced during the warm months, such as going to the beach or planting a vegetable garden.

  • Places To Go: There are so many places that are meant to be visited in the summer - beaches, national parks, festivals - so be sure to capture these on your bucket list.

  • Movies To Watch: Are there any movies coming out this summer you want to catch in theatres? Any movies you used to watch in the summer as a kid you want to revisit? Add these movies to your bucket list so you have something fun to do on days where you're forced inside because of the weather.

  • Books To Read: Summer is the perfect time to sit down and get lost in a good book. Think about which books you've been meaning to get around to and add reading those to your summer bucket list.

  • Food To Eat: Have you been wanting to give a new type of cuisine a shot? Check out a new restaurant? Try a seasonal fruit or vegetable? If so, add those things to your summer bucket list.

  • Recipes to Try: There are some recipes that just scream summer or that require specific ingredients that are only in season during the summer months. Those are the types of things you want to be sure to include as you write out your bucket list.

101 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Now that you have a sense of the categories that you should include on your summer bucket list, here is a list of 100+ ideas to get you started:

  1. Take a road trip to a nearby town or city you've never visited

  2. Sleep under the stars

  3. Dance in the rain

  4. Visit a beach you've never been to before

  5. Explore a local farmers' market

  6. Go on a spontaneous weekend getaway

  7. Visit a historical landmark or museum

  8. Attend a festival or outdoor concert

  9. Take a scenic hike

  10. Set off fireworks

  11. Go on a camping trip with friends

  12. Explore a new hiking trail in your area

  13. Go swimming

  14. Visit the zoo or a local animal rescue

  15. Catch fireflies

  16. Go paddleboarding/canoeing/kayaking

  17. Go horseback riding

  18. Have a picnic

  19. Go rock climbing

  20. Go zip-lining

  21. Have a beach bonfire

  22. Try snorkeling or scuba diving

  23. Go on a sunrise or sunset hike

  24. Organize an outdoor sports tournament

  25. Go for a bike ride on a scenic route

  26. Host a barbecue or cookout

  27. Learn to make a new summer cocktail

  28. Make homemade ice cream or popsicles

  29. Make a root bear float

  30. Go fruit picking at a local orchard

  31. Use the fruit you picked to make homemade jam

  32. Eat freshly caught seafood

  33. Master grilling a new type of cuisine

  34. Have a themed garden part

  35. Organize a potluck

  36. Attend a craft workshop

  37. Create a scrapbook for all your summer memories

  38. Try painting or drawing a summer landscape

  39. Try your hand at photography

  40. Write a short story or poem inspired by the season

  41. Take an outdoor fitness/dance class

  42. Learn to play a musical instrument

  43. Add a fruit or vegetable plant to your garden

  44. Do a fun summer craft

  45. Attend a local art show

  46. Host an outdoor movie night with friends.

  47. Practice outdoor yoga or meditation

  48. Go to an outdoor major league baseball game

  49. Set a reading challenge and tackle summer books

  50. Learn a new skill or hobby, like gardening

  51. Volunteer for a local community project

  52. Practice mindfulness through nature walks

  53. Try a new water sport, like surfing or wakeboarding

  54. Start a gratitude journal for the summer

  55. Organize a summer self-care day with spa treatments

  56. Take your family game night outdoors

  57. Have a sandcastle-building competition

  58. Organize a family talent show or talent night

  59. Plan a day of family-friendly water games

  60. Create a summer scavenger hunt

  61. Take a surfing or paddleboarding lesson

  62. Learn to identify local plants and wildlife

  63. Go birdwatching

  64. Take a cooking class that uses local produce

  65. Go to a lakehouse/cottage

  66. Stargaze

  67. Organize a community clean-up event

  68. Join a local sports league or team

  69. Participate in a charity run or walk

  70. Attend a neighborhood block party

  71. Pick flowers at a local flower farm

  72. Volunteer at a local animal shelter

  73. Help out at your local community garden

  74. Enjoy a lazy day at the beach or pool

  75. Go fishing

  76. Take a nap or read in a hammock

  77. Go bungee jumping or skydiving

  78. Take a hot air balloon ride

  79. Go white-water rafting or tubing

  80. Take an introductory flight lesson

  81. Try sandboarding on dunes

  82. Go on a helicopter tour

  83. Experience a treetop adventure course

  84. Play with sparklers

  85. Try off-road ATV or dune buggy riding

  86. Go to an amusement park

  87. Go garage sale hopping

  88. Run through a sprinkler

  89. Visit a water park

  90. Climb a tree

  91. Fly a kite

  92. Make smores

  93. Attend a concert

  94. Ride a Ferris wheel

  95. Draw with chalk

  96. Go golfing

  97. Play flashlight tag

  98. Pull an all-nighter

  99. Make snowcones

  100. . Have a water balloon fight

  101. Blow bubbles


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